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Senior Solutions Engineering Manager, EMEA Global at NetApp
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The three ways traditional financial services can take on fintech

20 May 2021

There really is no overstating just how operationally different a fintech company is to a traditional, established, financial services organisation. Fintechs are digitally native companies – they’re born on the cloud – and this imparts a high degree of agility into their DNA. It makes them capable of analysing customer data in creative ways and off...


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

The Artificial Intelligence opportunity in the global Financial Services sector

21 Jan 2021

When most of us think of AI, we imagine slick, intuitive designs, underpinned by quick, efficient systems all handed to you on a personalised plate. What many of us don’t necessarily think of is hard, cold numbers. Odd really when data is the key foundation underpinning AI. Artificial intelligence is all about data or numbers, input into systems t...

Financial Services Regulation

From compliance to innovation: the acceleration of DX in FS

24 Sep 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has helped to drive focus for financial institutions onto systems resilience and operations. Once cast in a role of planning for different worst case scenarios, CIOs have been tasked to help banks continue to service customers in the new ‘stay-at-home’ era, focusing on delivering self-service systems, modernising and enabling...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Has AI arrived for financial services?

02 Jul 2020

When will artificial intelligence really have ‘arrived’? For a long time, this was a question for philosophers and computer scientists, pondering over whether passing the Turing test truly indicates intelligence, or debating about how broad our definition of artificial intelligence should be. Over the last several years, however, this question has...