Steven Rackham

Steven Rackham

CTO for Financial Services at NetApp
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Money 20/20 2023 takeaways

12 Jul 2023

As one of the largest financial services events, it was great being able to attend Money 20/20 in Amsterdam this year. My first time at an event that started in 2012, that hosts over 20,000 people across 3 locations with sessions ranging from fintechs, traditional banks, IT companies and regulators, my expectations were to really get a feel for th...


Banking Architecture

Why now is the time to modernise mainframe data

22 May 2023

‘Mainframe is dead!’ has long been a cry within the IT industry but the reality is, many organisations still rely heavily upon mainframes with data sitting on them around the 12EB (yes, exabyte) mark and growing at approximately 10-20% per year. This is especially true in financial services where still a lot of the ‘crown jewels’ are kept. Mainfram...

Banking Regulations

How the financial services industry can prepare for DORA

09 Feb 2023

Big Tech’s influence is becoming more and overarching across numerous different sectors. From retail to politics, Big Tech is slowly infiltrating our lives. One sector which is trying to ensure it keeps some control is the financial services sector. Last July, the Bank of International Settlements published a paper arguing that the reliance of fin...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Seizing the AI opportunity in the FS sector by maximising your data

27 Oct 2022

People and businesses around the world create a staggering 1,145 trillion megabytes of data per day. Data is transforming all our lives, from accelerating the diagnosis of diseases to optimising retail pricing. Data fuels AI technologies and AI can only be as good as the information which it harnesses. According to PwC, AI has the potential to co...