Steven Rackham

Steven Rackham

Senior Solutions Engineering Manager, EMEA Global at NetApp
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Consumer trust is crucial for banks to undergo successful digital transformation

30 May 2022

In an era rife with conspiracy theories fuelled by the pandemic, trust in government and large organisations has become more fragile. It’s an issue which is ever so delicate for the financial services (FS) sector. And because interactions are increasingly digitally-led, the custodians of personal data are having a precarious time. Digital transfor...


How can the Financial Services improve sustainability in the cloud? And why?

25 May 2022

Whether it’s efficient customer support, open banking or business analysis, data is fundamental to today’s Financial Services sector. But with the rising importance of data comes calls for more sustainable practices globally. While it’s easy to think of planes or agriculture when discussing our carbon footprint – because these elements exist in the...

Innovation in Financial Services

From open banking to open finance: what’s next for innovation in financial services?

01 Mar 2022

Open banking has been a game-changer for financial services. It has enabled financial institutions and third-party providers (TPPs) to exchange data and services – not only enhancing existing capabilities but delivering improved experiences to market with access to transaction data. Take a mortgage application, for example. With open banking, cu...



The Carbon Footprint For Data Is How Much?

13 Dec 2021

The Carbon Footprint For Data Is How Much? Steve Rackham, Senior Solutions Engineering Manager, EMEA Global at NetApp Something that I hear more and more being discussed is ‘sustainability’ and ‘carbon footprint’. I have worked with data for a long time, so I am used to conversations about storage efficiencies etc., but I have never really sat b...