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Steve Sabin

Beyond compliance: the long-term meaning of ESG for lenders

As regulatory requirements for corporate responsibility, environmental, social and governance (ESG) continue to take shape around the world, commercial lenders are now turning their attention to the m...

23 Mar 2023
Banking and Lending Solutions
Daniel Harman

How to save the environment while making money

2022 may have been a bumpy year for the concepts supporting environment, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, but interest in the field remains strong. Investments are growing; one study found th...

07 Mar 2023
Alternative Investments
Rajeev Verma


Role of Process Mining in enabling ESG compliance Overview ESG progression in BFSI Industry : Undoubtedly there is never seen focus on environmental, social, and governance issues post-pandemic Co

28 Feb 2023
Banking Regulations
Luigi Wewege

Is It Time to Invest in Plant-Based Stocks?

If the North American market is to see a 32X jump in less than 10 years, where the plant based food market is projected to grow from $5 Billion in 2019 to $162 Billion in 2027, then it seems that we ...

28 Feb 2023
Going green
Robin Saluoks

Green Economy and Climate Change: It is where the Money is Heading

We are now well into the first quarter of 2023 and it is hard not to be engulfed by a deep sense of gloom. The front pages of European newspapers are filled daily with details of the latest war atroci...

10 Feb 2023
Going green
Davoud Pourhossein

How FinTechs Can Create the Ideal Hybrid Workplace

Recent years have seen one of the most dramatic and quick changes to the working world over the course of history. Almost overnight we went from (broadly) being at our desks in the office from 9.00 am...

07 Feb 2023
Bhavesh Vaghela

2023 predictions

2023 predictions Happy new year! What a year 2022 has been. It was nice to meet family and see friends last year after the restrictions of the years before. However, 2022 went for you time for a new ...

12 Jan 2023
Disruption in Retail Banking
Michael Rada


IN January 2016 have japanese government officially introduced concept named SOCIETY 5.0. It was the aswer to INDUSTRY 4.0. Just on moth before was launched INDUSTRY 5.0 as well, but I do not think it...

03 Jan 2023
Michael Rada


On Deceber 1, 2015 begun INDUSTRY 5.0 its journey with article named INDUSTRY 5.0 FROM VIRTUAL TO PHYSICAL. It was so different to all the others published at that time that the response was overhelm...

28 Dec 2022
Philippe Vappereau

Four priorities for transport ticketing payments in 2023

The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with increased inflation and the rising cost of living has forced the transport industry, like many others, to adapt. Therefore, as we enter 2023, publi...

21 Dec 2022
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Maria Schuld

Proving sustainability, show me the metrics

Getting to common ground According to the Oxford dictionary, sustainability is: The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. This definition often ta...

19 Dec 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Hirander Misra

Can blockchain facilitate sustainability and ESG friendly investing?

Can blockchains be used as incentive networks for encouraging green activity and renewables? ESG is an important use case for blockchain. Regulators are understandably concerned about green investing ...

03 Dec 2022
Blockchain Observations

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