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Assessing the carbon footprint of fintech and looking to the future.

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So Beautiful and Yet so Neutral

I must admit to sometimes getting a little overwhelmed at all the effort it takes to live an eco-friendly life. It's not that I'm not making an effort. I recycle at home and at work. I turn off unne...

08 Jun 2009
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It's a Bird It's a Plane...It's Earth Day

Happy Belated Earth Day! Yes, I know Earth Day was yesterday...hence the belated...but tell the truth did you remember to celebrate? How do you celebrate the Earth? Do you hug a tree, have a neighb...

23 Apr 2009
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Altruism or Profit--Green Initiatives Can Support Both

With its latest investment in Philadelphia-based Field Diagnostic Services (FDSI) and its overall $20 billion commitment to support sustainability, Bank of America (BofA) is just the latest financial ...

13 Apr 2009
Elton Cane

Reversing the hardware to software trend

It's quite common for hardware manufacturers to expand into also offering software that manages and/or runs on their servers or other devices. But it's far less common to find a large pure-play softwa...

06 Feb 2009
Elton Cane

The joy of transaction-based recurring revenue

Intelligent Environments appears to have lived up to the first part of its name with the revenue model it has in place with a growing number of customers. Not only does it take a small one-off fee eac...

20 Jan 2009
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Banks Can Set A Good Example With Energy Smarts

The Morgan Stanley tidal power generation project is clearly a potentially very good investment. Citi's smart data centre also contributes to better energy efficiency. These investments should inspire...

16 Nov 2008
Elton Cane

Reducing waste at Sibos

With corporate social responsibility on the conference agenda at Sibos for the first time, I thought it would be interesting to have a chat with Swift's own CSR manager to talk about the co-operative'...

18 Sep 2008
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Can e-invoicing save the planet?

I see we're giving away a mountain bike on our Green Zone quiz as part of this year's Sibos bash. Sibos? Green? Don't get me started... the first time I attended I was shocked by the amount of materia...

16 Sep 2008
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Greenpeace in raunchy video shocker

I can't decide if this is funny or just downright rude. Or weird. Or all of the above. The EU have delayed a vote on protecting forests from illegal logging and Greenpeace are trying to make sure it d...

30 Jul 2008
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Low cost way to 'go green' - Walk to Work on Friday

In this time of stretched budgets here's a healthy way to make a little difference and all that is required is that you walk to work. Companies are urged to register as corporate ambassadors (free) an...

23 Jul 2008