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Chairman and CEO at GMEX Group
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Bio GMEX Group, offers new age solutions for electronic digital exchanges and post trade infrastructure in. GMEX is one of the Top 10 leaders of blockchain technology in the All Party Parliamentary Group 2018 report on the UK Blockchain industry with Hirander a leading influencer. Career History He is in the Financial Technologist 2019 list of the 50 most game changing founders of Fintech companies. He Chairman of SECDEX Group and a Partner of Digital Partners Network. Hirander is also the Co Chairman of FinComEco, and a Director of DAG Global. Formerly, he was the COO and Co-Founder of Chi-X Europe Limited.


Finance 2.0

Kick starting Economies Post COVID-19

25 May 2020

Will the crisis result in the rise or demise of the 4th Industrial Revolution? In its April World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects a decline in global growth in 2020 of -3 percent. This is a downgrade of 6.3 percentage points from January 2020, a major revision over a very short period. This makes the Great Lockdow...

Bigger than Technology

The crisis forces the Puppet Master to cut loose the puppets

19 May 2020

Will the current economic crisis result in changes to the economic establishment as we know it, so that a new order is established fuelled by democratised digitally enabled innovation? How can data and information become the key currency to aid financial re-inclusion and inclusion post crisis? In 1815, Nathan Mayer Rothschild said: "I care no...

Trends in Financial Services

The Investor, the SME and COVID-19: Time for the Stock Exchange to change or estrange

28 Apr 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic poses a significant threat to mainstream industry and commerce, it will be even more devastating to Small-to-Medium Enterprises (‘SMEs’), as a large number may not survive the economic impact of the crisis. This issue affects SME activity worldwide, however it is especially pronounced in emerging markets, where access t...

Finance 2.0

Are UK Banks profiting from the current coronavirus crisis and failing SMEs?

02 Apr 2020

A UK business could be eligible for a Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), as set out by the UK Government. However, it appears that despite the Government’s best intentions, this scheme is not working in practice and some urgent readdress is required. There is, therefore, a serious concern that small businesses will start to fa...