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Welcome to RegTech: the age of disrupting the status quo is here

On Tuesday 31st January at a crowded event near Canary Wharf, a select group of RegTech innovators, accelerators and venture capitalists came together to discuss this emerging market. Attendees heard ...

04 Feb 2017
Financial Services Regulation
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Building intelligent financial services chatbots

Can financial services chatbots fulfill their potential? It all depends on data. Bots are going ballistic. Transparency Market Research predicts the global chatbot market to be worth $7.9 billion by ...

03 Feb 2017
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Will 2017 finally be our year for tackling late payments?

Small businesses have long been hailed as the backbone of the UK economy – and rightly so. At the start of 2016 the combined annual turnover of SMEs was £1.8 trillion, so it’s no surprise Philip Hammo...

27 Jan 2017
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Why professionalising entrepreneurship and sales focus are key for startup success

I read a fascinating blog this morning by Slava Akhmechet, a founder of RethinkDB on why they failed (see here: There are two critical ...

20 Jan 2017
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How software maps can drive software innovation and transformation

Maps allow us to use both the visual and analytical sides of our brains simultaneously. Our brains are connected to instantly understand context and make use of what we see. Maps free up our minds to ...

19 Jan 2017