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How to Effectively Sell Your App to International Audience

13 February 2017  |  5425 views  |  0

There is an increasing trend on smartphone adoption, all over the world. In 2016 alone, there is as many as 2 billion smartphone users, all over the world. But, most of this growth is not only limited to U.S, but rather more because of the developing countries such as China and India.

In such a scenario, you must direct all of your marketing efforts towards addressing international audience as that offers a great opportunity for growing your business. The progressive app developers believes that scaling the apps in the international market is the best way to grow your business.  In fact, the best marketing effort will be the one which helps to discovering your app and that would be a quite a difficult experience.

The app developers are always on the search for high quality and engaged users, which is achievable as you sell your app in the international markets. There are many hurdles of the likes of language, culture, Return on Investment(ROI) and many more.

Here are some of the tips for selling your apps to an international audience:


There are many countries like Netherlands and the Nordic countries that allows English-only apps. Whether or not you want to pay for Asian language translation can only be decided when you test your app in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Language as a barrier comes first in the mind of the app developers. It is not that difficult to translate the app store pitch or for that matter the entire content of the app. However, there are many countries that allow promotional platforms in English language.


The cost that you bear to get a customer in one country will vary from another. So, you might be investing more in North America than it is in South Korea, but Brazil may be relatively less costly. The usual practice is to use A/B testing of various price points by adopting a digital marketing platform, sales pitches and  other variables that work for different countries.


There is no need to develop an app that will be targeted for each country in the world. But, there are cultural differences between the users. But, there are universal apps such as Pokemon Go which will sell irrespective of whichever market is it aimed at.


Local preferences also play an important role while buying an app. The Australian buyers are more into sports games, whereas the Asian buyers will be more into strategy and multi-player games. The developers are more likely to lean on the niche markets, for these respective markets. Some apps work for all countries, but some some are better suited than others.

Testing for Newer Markets

There is too low cost that is incurred for testing the mobile apps. Just acquire users in different countries and start testing the apps.

Before you spend money behind translating the app content to various languages, a localized product page is often helpful in understanding the response of the users in the various markets.

Localization of app descriptions are not expensive as these are short. The app descriptions are often translated into various languages, so that you test your mobile apps in the new markets.

Stepping into global markets always offer huge dividends. It is averse to reckless risk taking and is not that expensive. A good crowdfunding platform can help you to gauge demand in the overseas market for your app. Crowdfunding and localized app descriptions are all about catching hold of the early adopters for your app. Only the tech savvy and the well-connected users will be interested about the crowdfunding campaign or the localized app descriptions. Feedback is what matters from them in order to spread the word about your business.

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