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How Will These Social Media Hacks Help You Attract Your Audience?

We know this and we keep on focusing on this aspect again and again. Is there any specific reason behind this? Of Course, Social Media (SM) is booming with new social networks emerging every single day and people following their lead. From Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ to Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, audience gets plenty of different options to connect and communicate with their respective acquaintances.

SM is becoming a significant driver for traffic and sales to businesses, this can be a huge problem. According to a 2016 report that analyzed 500 million visitors of 400,000+ websites, social media drove 41.24% of overall site traffic. 82.6% of salespeople who use social media sell far better than their conventional counterparts. It is true. Just like mobile apps have become sensationally impactful, social media apps are luring the audience similarly. 

What is important here is to know how you can help your business via social media? Yes, the answer lies in the question itself. Here are 20 simple suggestions which if used effectively can benefit your company.

  1. Start reviewing your existing social media accounts to know which strategies worked for your brand and which didn’t
  2. It’s time to begin the core competency of your respective social media networks.
  3. Study the competitors’ social accounts to analyze their weakness
  4. Understand what your audience wants through your social feeds
  5. Create the corresponding creative content to fill your social media networks worth scrolling
  6. Plan your social media content strategy yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. See what works for you better.
  7. Buy a social media posting tool for systematic, sophisticated and proper scheduling of the shareable unique content.
  8. Trial and Error is indeed one of the vital strategies to check your eligibility of success.
  9. Vlog. Video marketing is the future. Start doing it now. People love to watch than to read.
  10. Social Media Accounts are flooded with videos and infographics. Have you started it yet? If not, no time is late enough.
  11. Consistency is key for top quality content and a loyal audience. You know it right?
  12. Design a compelling cover image and the profile picture to represent your brand in the best attractive way.
  13. Make your social media accounts biography: short, sweet but sensational. Won’t you click if you read a person’s bio as: Rigidly Stubborn, Hallucinate by Horror Movies, Weird Wanderlust, etc-ly etc.
  14. Get your social accounts verified to let people know you’re the real deal. I know this takes time and money but it’s not impossible. There are few steps which if followed neatly can result in the authoritative and reliability.
  15. Pinning your best Tweets on Twitter and doing the respective similar on the other social media accounts can showcase your best work directly to the customers when they land on your page/blog for the very first time and yes ‘First Impression is the Best Impression’. Just so you know ‘People still judge the book by its cover’. You understand it clearly, right?



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