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Abhishek Chatterjee

Think like non-profitable to design Digital Strategy

Think Like Non-Profitable To Design Digital Strategy World is moving from “Process-Centric Digital Strategy” to “Customer-Centric Digital Strategy”. Like every other industry, Financial Services organ...

31 Dec 2014
Online Banking
Abhishek Chatterjee

Digital Strategy 2015 - Execute faster, better and cheaper

Digital Transformations are enabling Organizations to Differentiate at the front ( sells, marketing services) & standardize at the back (increase efficiency and profitability through operational e...

20 Dec 2014
Online Banking
Mark McMurtrie

UK Retail Payments sector:2014 review and 2015 predictions

2014 saw contactless payment come of age and many new ideas pitched to retail. Some payments innovations have excited but some have disappointed. Mark McMurtrie has his say. What changes have impacte...

18 Dec 2014
Retired Member

The Festive Financial Crunch

Christmas is almost upon us – a time for festive frivolity, laughter and fun. Or is it? New research from the Debt Advisory Centre (DAC), shows that 19% of people cannot afford the cost of Christmas a...

17 Dec 2014
Jenni Palocsik

Digital Technology and Customers Drive Branch Transformation

Why are so many banks talking about and trailing alternative approaches to traditional high-street banking? Although economics plays a role, the primary driver appears to be customers and their increa...

17 Dec 2014
Balazs Fejes

Automation and Digitalization of the Wealth Management Space

There is no doubt that digital innovation has raised the bar in terms of customer experience and expectation across the banking industry. The increased popularity and adoption of social, digital and m...

10 Dec 2014
Alex Letts

When 'Free banking' means 'charges of eight hundred pounds'

The most predictable question I get in investment meetings is “why would anyone pay for a Ffrees current account, when UK current account banking is already free?” It’s not smart to sigh at this point...

09 Dec 2014
Retired Member

The Pursuit of API-Ness

APIs seem to be a hot topic on Finextra right now. Many companies are making their APIs ‘Open’ so they can be accessed by a variety of software developers to use it to power their own services. An exa...

08 Dec 2014
David Gibbard

Dancing with the Dinosaur

I was reading an article authored by Marc Rapport, senior writer at Callahan & Associates, called “All For One or One For All?” comparing the different technology strategies of two credit union...

03 Dec 2014
Retired Member

How Barclays 'borrowed' my children's money

My children, four and six, are lucky to have a full set of grandpas and grannies, who spoil them with presents and some "monetary contributions". In fact, over the last few years the little ...

03 Dec 2014
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Have you met your future consumer and workforce yet?

How many organisations do you know that look beyond the confines of their workplaces to understand the behaviour, values and even buying patterns of the future consumer? For any organisation to thrive...

03 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Is SaaS the new major agent of change in retail banking?

It's rare for all parties in a given industry to agree on something, but if the Ovum report, "The Critical Role for Cloud in the Transformation of Retail Banks" is to be believed, there is ...

02 Dec 2014