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Mark McMurtrie

Mark McMurtrie

Independent Consultant at Payments Consultancy Limited
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Bio Mark McMurtrie has worked in the consumer payments industry for 25 years. During the course of his career he has travelled to more than 60 countries promoting the benefits of electronic processing and the advantages of the latest card technologies and payment methods. In 2012 he formed Payments Cons Career History Mark McMurtrie works as an Independent Consultant specialising in consumer payments. During his 25 year career he has worked for ACI, S1, The Logic Group, VeriFone, Hypercom and NCR.



UK Retail Payments sector:2014 review and 2015 predictions

18 Dec 2014

2014 saw contactless payment come of age and many new ideas pitched to retail. Some payments innovations have excited but some have disappointed. Mark McMurtrie has his say. What changes have impacted the payments sector this year, and what is there to come in 2015? Consumers are increasing their love affair with eCommerce and making a record numb...


Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Are PIN Mailers still the best way to distribute PINs ?

26 Jun 2013

Ever since banks started issuing credit and debit cards they also needed to supply customers with a PIN for cardholder verification purposes. These were for card usage at the ATM or POS terminal. The delivery method chosen was PIN Mailers. PIN mailers hide the PIN number with scratch-off or peel-back panels that highlights any attemps at tampering....


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