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Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018: new EU Treaty signed for full EMU

This is the third of our predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about the Euro and its path to full completion. Brexit is both a threat and an opportunity for the “centralisers” at t...

31 Dec 2017
SEPA and European Payments
Bob Lyddon

Predictions for the Payments industry in 2018 - New Entrants

This is the second of our predictions for the Payments industry in 2018, and it is about New Entrants to the payments business. The main focus is on Third-Party Providers and Payment Institutions as o...

29 Dec 2017
Transaction Banking
André Stoorvogel

2018 trends: Safer data, faster payments, better experiences

Fundamental shifts in consumer behavior, the emergence of new technologies and an evolving regulatory landscape means the payments ecosystem is poised for unprecedented transformation in 2018. The dem...

19 Dec 2017
Anders La Cour

2018 payment predictions: the year of the financial utility

2018 is set to be an eventful year, with a royal wedding, ongoing Brexit negotiations, the FIFA World Cup, and predictions of an extremely close midterm election in the US in November. How these event...

18 Dec 2017
Ron Teicher

Transaction Laundering: What to Expect in 2018

2017 was the year that Transaction Laundering planted itself firmly in the consciousness of the minds of regulators, lawmakers, law enforcement and the general public. We believe that 2018 will be the...

18 Dec 2017
Carlos Figueredo

Open Banking. Some regions have one thing right but banks in general still have one thing very wrong

Last month I spoke at the Nordics NextGen conference in Stockholm. The topic was open banking and PSD2 with a truly great panel, moderator and a full house of intertactive 400+ attendees and my fi...

14 Dec 2017
Open Banking
Bob Lyddon

UK NPA Blueprint rubber-stamped

The report (119 pages) on the consultation on the Blueprint for the UK's New Payments Architecture was finally made available on the Payment Strategy Forum website at about 3:30 pm today, on a page th...

08 Dec 2017
Transaction Banking
Gerard Hergenroeder

I predict Bitcoin will crash in 2018.

Bitcoin is a fraud, nothing more than a ponzi scheme. I do feel sorry for those people buying at today's prices. I remember studying the tulip crash in the 1600's. I predict Bitcoin will crash in 2018...

08 Dec 2017
Andrew Marshman

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Omni-Channel Day

I have been proclaiming for some time that ‘omni-payment’ is the missing element in many retailers’ full omni-channel customer service offering. What I mean is that many retailers offer their goods an...

07 Dec 2017
Disruption in Retail Banking
Arturo González Mac Dowell

Screen Scraping is Dead, Long Live Screen Scraping

Yesterday November 27, the European Commission published the final version of the long awaited PSD2 Regulatory Technical Standards on Secure Communications and Secure Customer Authentication. The SCA...

30 Nov 2017
Open Banking
Jeremy Gumbley

PIN-on-Mobile is coming

Imagine taking a regular smartphone and turning it into a payment acceptance device with a simple app download. That’s the utopian dream many companies are chasing today and it could bring huge benefi...

29 Nov 2017
Retired Member

PSD2: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

As an avid fan of the Open Banking movement, I have tracked the implementation of PSD2 across Europe with much interest over the last few years. PSD2 aims to give customers control over their financi...

25 Nov 2017
Open Banking