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Martin Gloor

Strategies to implement EMV on Terminals

The EMV liability shift in the U.S.A is getting closer so I would like to share some basic strategies on how to implement EMV on POS terminals. While EMV has been a key component for terminals in Eur...

23 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Fancy Blowing Some Bitcoin on a Shopping Spree?

Believe it or not, there's a great new website that has a wide range of products priced in pounds sterling and get this – Bitcoin! If your virtual wallet is bursting at the seams and you just have to...

22 Dec 2014
Lu Zurawski

I predict that payment predictions will be wrong

Having read many over-ambitious “Next year will be the year of X” statements, I avoid prediction precision myself. The game of replacing “X” with this year’s, nearly-there technology, and caveating t...

19 Dec 2014
Mark McMurtrie

UK Retail Payments sector:2014 review and 2015 predictions

2014 saw contactless payment come of age and many new ideas pitched to retail. Some payments innovations have excited but some have disappointed. Mark McMurtrie has his say. What changes have impacte...

18 Dec 2014
Alex Letts

Turkeys Never Vote for Christmas

In an obscure corner of the Government website is a strange little document. I...

17 Dec 2014
Enrico Camerinelli

Treasury Management Systems Beyond 2015

The treasury management systems (TMS) business is in a constant state of flux – what is top priority today may be outdated tomorrow. Although this change can be very difficult to predict I took the ri...

13 Dec 2014
Treasury Management
Tom Hay

PSD2 - The Payments World Turned Upside-Down?

PSD2, the regulation that will replace the current Payment Services Directive, has passed another milestone in its slow march towards legislation, having now entered the “trialogue” process. Adoption ...

12 Dec 2014
Retired Member

Designing Successful Cross-Border Payment Programs

Electronic commerce has made our world closer than ever. Sites like Etsy allow us to buy products from artisans around the world, Elance provides access to freelance consultants from all corners of th...

09 Dec 2014
Lu Zurawski

Clap along; API-ness is the truth

It’s that time of year where the voices of earnest business initiatives may struggle to be heard above the cacophony of festive karaoke singing. Given the right circumstances, I may even warble a bit ...

08 Dec 2014
James Tomaney

The Future Of Cards Payments Systems

To me, there are 4 pillars that together form the foundation of any future state for payment systems. Consumers, Environment, Governance, and lastly (yes lastly) Technology. As an industry, we tend ...

08 Dec 2014
Retired Member

The Late Payments Conundrum

Recent research carried out by Bacs found that the national late payment debt currently stands at a staggering £46.1 billion. The Bacs survey of 350 UK companies found the rate of late payment to firm...

03 Dec 2014
Darren Capehorn

Mr Osborne, Is This Really Going To Make A Difference?

You may, like me, have been surprised to hear Sky News reporting recently that George Osborne’s Autumn statement will ‘turn the screw on Britain’s biggest banks by demanding an urgent overhaul of the ...

02 Dec 2014