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Martin Gloor

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Country Manager at Abrantix Pty Ltd
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Bio We are a technology company of specialists in the payment and banking industry. Our products streamline your business processes and eliminate manual tasks. We always comply with the very high security requirements of the banking- and payment industry. We develop software for front- and backoffice ap Career History 06/2013 - now: Country Manager Abrantix Australia. Before: Several roles around Engineering and Business Developement with Abrantix and other companies. I have been in the payment industry since 2002.



No More Pin Pads

02 Oct 2017

I recently had a conversation with a client who said acquirers want to be innovative and get rid of terminals (pin pads). But they did not know how. In the light on Pin On Glass emerging, I think this is a relevant question. Hence I wanted to share some of my thoughts. Why talk about this? Terminals are expensive, as they must adhere to strict sec...



Mobile Private Label Cards

19 Feb 2015

In my last post I wrote about major scheme credit cards (Visa, MasterCard etc.) on mobile phones. But what about private label cards? I believe that mobile private label cards provide compelling added value to both merchants and cardholders. From a merchants perspective, at the top of the wish list for such an app is probably a fully branded expe...



Mobile Wallets for Major Scheme Cards

19 Jan 2015

Mobile payment is THE hot topic in the card payments industry. The main focus is certainly around the major card schemes like Visa and MasterCard and how to put their cards into a mobile phone. Once this has been achieved, the functionality of the cards can be enriched like never before. From on-device cardholder verification to loyalty and much m...


Strategies to implement EMV on Terminals

23 Dec 2014

The EMV liability shift in the U.S.A is getting closer so I would like to share some basic strategies on how to implement EMV on POS terminals. While EMV has been a key component for terminals in Europe, Australia and other regions, many terminals in the U.S. accept magstripe cards only. This will change in Fall 2015 when the cards schemes will s...