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Retired Member

The War On EMV - part 2

OMG ... it is Christmas Eve and we have another charlatan's friend EMV 'expert' claiming that EMV is not the answer to Target data breach in the following article

25 Dec 2013
Retired Member

The War On EMV

Will the EMV technology based payments be rolled out in the US in the next couple of years? I do not know for sure, but I hope they will and strongly believe that they should. There is clear push by t...

21 Dec 2013
Pat Carroll

Finding security in digital currencies

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have been capturing the attention of the world’s financial and technology press for some time, both in a positive and negative manner. Digital currencies are here t...

18 Dec 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Rising tide trends in 2014

Last year, my magic crystal balls helped me get 6 out of 7 predictions right. Let's see if I can do even better this year. As a quick summary, my predictions for 2014 are based on proliferation of alt...

16 Dec 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Is PayPal talking to a lighthouse?

Aircraft carrier is an awesome sight: it's huge, full of energy, impressive in all respects. It's worth a lot of money too. However, when you see an aircraft carrier on the horizon heading towards you...

12 Dec 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Pat Carroll

Brett King Raises an Interesting Point...

Brett King’s recent article on ‘Banking’s new playground’ raises some interesting points as to ‘how Africa will show the way’. Smart phone penetration in Africa is currently less than 15% and projec...

10 Dec 2013
Innovation in Financial Services
Retired Member

Is HCE an enemy of NFC?

In recent months, since Google has announced the support for Host Card Emulation (HCE) in their latest Android 4.4 KitKat, we have seen a barage of articles and analyses (some in very reputable public...

09 Dec 2013
Retired Member

New Benefits System and Financial Exclusion

Residents without bank accounts at risk of arrears under new benefits system Universal credit will be pa...

05 Dec 2013
Uri Rivner

BitCoin Explained: How to Become a BitCoin Thief - part 1

OK folks. You’ve all been hearing about Bitcoin. Your neighbors have been hearing about Bitcoin. Your dog walker has been hearing about Bitcoin. Now it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff… L

04 Dec 2013
Information Security
Andrea Donafee

Cash comes to the rescue again as Natwest cards fail

It’s called ‘Cyber Monday’, one of the busiest days shopping days of the year and cards failed. Across the country, parents were left unable to pay for their kids Christmas presents, customers were st...

03 Dec 2013
Retired Member

Changing the balance

In what is undoubtedly a positive move for consumer safety, the European Central Bank has issued a set of draft recommendations for mobile banking and payments security. However, while agreed standard...

03 Dec 2013
Colin Weir

Mobile Money gets Groked

What a fabulous week I have just had in Kenya. Home to many things, it is the current home of mobile money. Ask any Kenyan what mobile money is and how useful it is and you will get a very clear answe...

01 Dec 2013