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Andrea Donafee

Andrea Donafee

Managing Director at Cash Management Solutions
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Bio Managing Director of Cash Management Solutions, global leader in outsourced cash management services. We manage over 20 billion dollars in cash per annum across 15,000 sites worldwide. Career History After completing her PhD in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science, Andrea joined CMS and became Managing Director overseeing a phenomenal growth which has taken CMS to have solutions in place in over 25 countries worldwide. Andrea is also a Chartered Mathematician and a Member of the Institute of



Why Simulations are Indispensable for the Cash Industry...

04 Aug 2014

Modelling and simulations are the modern business equivalent of the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’: imitating the operation of a real process or system. What used to be seen as quite a specialised area of business has now become a somewhat standard business practice. Business schools are now building simulations into their curriculum, some orga...


Cash comes to the rescue again as Natwest cards fail

03 Dec 2013

It’s called ‘Cyber Monday’, one of the busiest days shopping days of the year and cards failed. Across the country, parents were left unable to pay for their kids Christmas presents, customers were stranded at petrol stations, shoppers at supermarkets were left embarrassed. Many retailers will have noticed an unanticipated shortfall in sales in th...