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Huzefa Cutlerywala

ATMs can become thing of past

The first bank to introduce ATM was Barclays in UK some five decades back. In last 50 years, the Retail Banking industry across the globe embraced it as must to have cash dispensing outlet with more t...

10 Apr 2019
Nancy Weir

Driving Customer Centricity in CLM and KYC

A long, long time ago…. well, actually not so long ago, in the land of KYC, the customer was at the end of the food chain in the eyes of those operating in the KYC space, the Compliance and Back Offic...

09 Apr 2019
Barley Laing

Preventing financial crime and delivering seamless customer onboarding - can you accomplish both?

Recent research points to an increase in financial crime as criminals take advantage of access to billions of compromised data records for sophisticated application fraud attacks targeted at financial...

08 Apr 2019
Retired Member

Trade Finance: A step-by-step approach to digitalisation

Looking across the complexity of Trade Finance the notion of a problem child description comes to mind from another era. Today our methodologies are starting to become agile. With the abundance of t...

08 Apr 2019
Breana Patel

How To Avoid Nightmares When Onboarding AI-Powered Regtech

The rapidly expanding realm of artificial intelligence (AI) presents a powerful tool for meeting the requirements of regulatory oversight. But like any powerful tool, using it incorrectly can lead to ...

05 Apr 2019
Pooja Golakonda

IOT: Adds life to things

I vaguely remember reading about classification as living and non-living things in my childhood days, but now with IOT, we can visualize redefining them, and comfortably say, I can have a chair that c...

05 Apr 2019
Retired Member

System Audit with help of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Across the globe, banks are facing major issue with digital banking, cyber security, regulatory audit and compliance issues. Further, any lapses found during internal / external or regulatory audit of...

03 Apr 2019
Retired Member

Know me, consult me, take care of me: Banks need to raise the bar for financial advice

Continuing my blog series looking at Accenture’s 2019 banking trends, this time I’m exploring how improved adoption of cloud and data analytics will enable banks to raise the bar in the way they deli...

02 Apr 2019
Retired Member

What You Need to Know About Adoption Marketing

It’s no longer enough to have well-situated branches with helpful, friendly staff. Technology has made building your brand more complicated - and potentially more profitable. But leveraging that new o...

29 Mar 2019
Retired Member

Capabilities to be built on- Blockchain Payment Platform

Across the globe, banks are adopting to new technology for secured Banking in payments area. As Corporate Banks / Financial Institutions seeks to have safe and secured network to perform remittance tr...

28 Mar 2019
Saloni Ramakrishna

Industrialization of Risk and Regulatory Processes in Banking , The way forward

I had, in my last blog, said “The objective of Industrialization is to drive innovation and efficiency by reengineering the value chain to add measurable value”. In this blog, I take a deeper dive int...

19 Mar 2019
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Redesigning user and customer interfaces for seamless digital experience and journey

Introduction User journey and customer journey are the buzzwords in the IT industry, given the need for redesigning applications for a better user/customer experience. When it comes to selecting or pr...

16 Mar 2019

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