Andrew Beatty

Andrew Beatty

Head of Wealth, Retirement & International at FIS
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Bio Andrew Heads up FIS' global banking strategy and writes about the evolving business and tech landscape of banking. Career History With 30 plus years in the Fintech industry, he is recognised as a voice on disruption in financial services. Andrew will share his insights in to the latest Fintech trends, strategies and solutions.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Up Close and Personal: How Wealth Management Digitalization Can Enhance the Human Touch

24 Aug 2023

In the digital age one size fits nobody. Banks and wealth managers must heed this truism because investors’ demand for personalization and advanced digital engagement is growing – and it’s not limited to the young. This blog explores how wealth managers can offer exceptional personalized service in a digital world. Research suggests that 64% of mi...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Embedded Wealth Management: The Next Big Disruptor?

18 Jul 2023

Embedded finance is mainstream, and e-commerce dynamics have changed forever. What began with payments quickly extended into deposits, lending, insurance, and other financial services. Consumers clearly value the convenience of embedded finance, which reduces friction by integrating financial products into the customer journey, exactly where and w...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Fintech in an Era of Rising Interest Rates and Economic Headwinds

16 Jun 2023

Interest rates may be the most relevant metric in the financial world. No other single variable has such a profound and universal impact on the prospects of financial services firms and their customers. Rising interest rates affect everyone, but they don’t affect everyone equally. Predictably, savers and borrowers experience rising rates different...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Digital Transformation During a Downturn: Why Banks Need to Step Up the Pace

16 May 2023

The COVID pandemic was perhaps the worst global crisis in a generation. Fortunately banks and fintechs with the right technologies and strategies not only weathered the storm, but came out on top. As we navigate this period of economic uncertainty, this blog considers how digital technologies and new working methods can drive change and continual ...