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Bio I'm the founder of Virtus Flow, an innovative No-Code Digital Process Automation platform. We help banks, credit unions, and financial institutions working better streamlining their work with Intelligent Automation, Smart Forms, Workflows, and several out-of-the-box apps. If you want to learn more visit: Career History I'm a Serial-Entrepreneur with more than fifteen years of experience in the Fintech and Enterprise Software Business. I'm a Blockchain enthusiast, and this is where I'm now focusing on developing What's Next to streamline more processes. In the last five years, I founded a couple of startups in the US, dedicated to Process Automation for Banks and Financial institution processes. I got published on Forbes,, and other major media, and I'm always open to support the community with fresh ideas.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The Truth Behind Banking and Digital Transformation

25 Feb 2021

Lessons We’ve Learned through New Challenges... And how financial institutions can stop making the same mistakes. It seems like everywhere we look, there’s a new “digital transformation” process getting started. From the way we interact with healthcare providers, to the way we travel and even how we handle our daily tasks, one thing is certain: Dig...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Going beyond digitization with back-office process automation

18 Aug 2020

Banking Automation is the future of the financial industry. In 2017 McKinsey [1] reported that newer technologies were causing disruption in financial institutions and that companies adopting digital alternatives would increase their profits and productivity as a result. Accenture [2], reported that digitally focused and digitally active banks ha...