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Bio I am founder of Vision 57, a capital markets consulting firm that focuses on business strategy and effective B2B marketing. Career History I have spent nearly all my working career in capital markets and developed a deep understanding of how global financial markets work, their evolution and the dynamics between technology, regulation, and business. This understanding is combined with the ability to position technology firms correctly, develop capabilities to make them successful and then increase their value as part of a defined exit. I was part of the executive team that built Fidessa into a global provider of workflow automation with annual sales of over USD400 million.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

When Will Desktop Interop Cross the Chasm?

25 May 2021

Geoffrey Moore’s classic marketing text - Crossing the Chasm - explores the challenges of successfully marketing new technologies and so it is interesting to look at the world of Desktop Interoperability or Integration Platforms (DIPs) through this lens. Key to Moore’s book is how to move from just selling to early adopters and to capturing the ...


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

The Trading Desktop: Why we need a Different Approach

12 Mar 2021

The trouble with Trading Technology Today Imagine for a moment that the cell phone in your pocket was twenty years old or the console you've just got your kids for Christmas was a Sega Genesis. While retro items like these may appeal to some, it is a sobering thought that much of the USD 100 billion per day trading world is based on similarly aged...