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This group is for thought leadership on important issues affecting global capital markets and Technologies

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Paul Kitchener

The Communications Parallels in Gaming and Trading

Why Traders Default to Voice Communications When It Matters Most? Picture the scene – your team of elite gamers are parachuting towards the hot zone. The objectives are pre-planned, but then somethin...

13 Aug 2021
Hirander Misra

The Next Frontier in Exchange Matching Engines for Digital Trading Systems

As the business models for exchanges and trading venues continue to evolve, the technological requirements to run them – be they established entities or a new entrant such as a digital asset exchange ...

04 Jul 2021
Simona Catanescu

Capital Market platforms, what makes them successful?

The move towards platforms and consortiums When most of us think of broker-dealers, asset managers, exchanges, we tend to see them as trustful agents for investing our funds. While this is true, thes...

10 Sep 2020
Matthew Cheung

Coronavirus Forces Change for Sales and Traders Working from Home

Firms embracing the latest communication, collaboration and workflow platforms have a significant advantage. Coronavirus has caused a dramatic shift in working practices globally, with particular chal...

17 Apr 2020
Hirander Misra

Which Fintech sectors will emerge fighting fit from the current Covid-19 crisis?

Whilst the current pandemic induced crisis is yet to reach its peak, and is leaving a trail of personal and economic destruction, we should expect a new landscape to emerge, in many respects, when the...

30 Mar 2020
Philippe Carrel


Technology is a starting point — the end goal is to use it to regain control of change management. REDUCING EQUATIONS There’s nothing new with banks being compelled to transform to keep relevant. As e...

22 Sep 2019

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