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Technical Marketing Manager at Speakerbus
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Bio Having performed several roles at Speakerbus I'm currently responsible for global marketing. The skills I've gained support my strong desires to deliver exceptional client services and drive sales whilst creating strong long-term relationships within our community. Career History After studying a degree in computer science at the University of Hertfordshire I began my professional career at a b2b focused Internet Service Provider after this, I switched sectors to a FInTech critical voice provider - Speakerbus.


Cryptocurrency Insights

After The Hype: There’s More to Smart Contracts than Collectable NFT's

06 Oct 2021

Smart contracts have struck mass public consciousness in a big way in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's). More than $2 billion was spent on NFTs, during the first quarter of 2021 - representing an increase of about 2,100% from Q4 2020. Even Visa is getting in on the NFT craze buying a 24x24 pixel 8-Bit style character for about $150,000. But...


Regulators Get Tough on Online Trading Platforms

01 Sep 2021

Both the blockchain and low-cost trading apps have had their share of ups and downs during the global pandemic. In addition, over the last few months, we have seen financial regulators tighten their grip on these firms, both mobile Stock trading applications and Crypto exchanges. In June, the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority delivered ...

Capital Market Technology

The Communications Parallels in Gaming and Trading

13 Aug 2021

Why Traders Default to Voice Communications When It Matters Most? Picture the scene – your team of elite gamers are parachuting towards the hot zone. The objectives are pre-planned, but then something goes wrong; under heavy fire with battlefield parameters changing fast, rapid-fire voice communication allows your team to create and implement a n...

Cryptocurrency Insights

Can institutional finance compete with the wisdom and madness of crowds in Crypto?

29 Apr 2021

To say that cryptocurrency is having a moment would be as much of an understatement as saying this asset class, created way back in 2009, has had an ambiguous and volatile history. So why, as Bitcoin (BTC) and its now hundreds of lesser-known brethren (Alternative coins aka ALTs) seem to create and destroy wealth at an unrelenting pace while attrac...