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Women in Technology

She has the power: Women Leaders in Sustainability and Energy Transition

08 Mar 2024

A just transition to net-zero is impossible without sustainable mindsets fuelling sustainable strategies. But who is responsible for shaping this thinking? Research suggests women have a huge part to play. According to a 2021 GreenBiz Report, there has been a significant increase in women taking up sustainability leadership roles in recent years. ...

Capital Market Technology

Towards Net-Zero: The Imperative of Transparency in the Circular Economy

13 Jul 2023

We are living in a crucial moment for the planet. The climate crisis, once seen as a distant threat, is now a palpable reality. On August 2, called "Earth Overshoot Day", we reached the limit of natural resources use that the Earth can regenerate in a year. According to the Global Footprint Network, we are consuming resources as if we ha...