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Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Generative AI – pioneering the next wave in capital markets

14 Jul 2023

Generative AI has gained prominence in the recent times due to its truly transformative and disruptive potential. The evolution started with rapid advances in machine learning techniques for predictive analytics and insight generation followed by adoption of deep learning models. The models have now evolved into more advanced LLMs (Large languag


UCITS VI – Moving towards a harmonized framework

19 Dec 2022

Overview The investment fund sector has grown significantly in the last decade which has necessitated the investment managers to improve the liquidity risk management, transparency, and investor protection through the AIFMD (Alternative Investment Management Fund Directive). However, the European Commission had recommended a few areas of revisio...

Capital Market Technology

SEC Money Market Fund Regulations - A point of view

13 Jul 2022

SEC Money Market Funds Regulation A perspective on the implications and challenges for the firms Overview The SEC has proposed key reforms to the regulatory framework governing the money market funds from 2016, which consists of amendments to Rule 2a-7 under the Investment co