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Thomas Muth

Digital preparedness: navigating future pandemics

Acceleration of digitalization COVID-19 has led to a dramatic uptake of digital products and services. This has caused a shift in priorities for many financial institutions to ensure they stay relevan...

11 h
Eugene Rudenko

Breaking the Fall, or How Fintechs Can Mitigate the Economic Effects of COVID-19

In the face of the worsened economic situation conditioned by the pandemic, many fintech companies now reconsider their processes. A particular focus is put towards more practical approaches in areas ...

02 Jul 2020
Financial Risk Management
John Burgos

Social media payments friend or foe

Social media, like any other innovation, is likely to go through a refinement period, which seems like a never-ending process of updates and improvements. Despite its substantial list of pros and cons...

02 Jul 2020
Social Banks
Steven Rackham

Has AI arrived for financial services?

When will artificial intelligence really have ‘arrived’? For a long time, this was a question for philosophers and computer scientists, pondering over whether passing the Turing test truly indicates i...

02 Jul 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Mike Laven

Are we at another Herstatt risk moment in the global financial system?

In 1974, the Herstatt Bank in Germany collapsed after making a series of wrong moves on the foreign exchange markets, ending up with DM470 million in losses (worth the equivalent of nearly USD 1 billi...

01 Jul 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Charlie Henderson

Business resiliency- use AI to move from survive to thrive

Organisations need to focus on managing and reducing costs in a crisis, whilst simultaneously ensuring there is available scope to perform over the longer term. It is essential to have a strong focus ...

01 Jul 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Jonathan Shanks

Why fintech has fallen in love with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a word some people in fintech will have seen mentioned but few are likely to understand (and even fewer know how to pronounce!). The reality is, however, that far from being a technical ...

01 Jul 2020
Robert Anderson

Reaching Ultra Low Latency in Trading Infrastructure

Latency has been a hot topic in financial markets since the rise of high-frequency trading in the early 2000s. Low latency has been replaced with ultra-low latency (ULL) in liquid markets as technolog...

30 Jun 2020
Thomas Pintelon

Credit origination - A lot of innovation on the horizon

While consumer credits are becoming more automated and user-friendly to request, all other credits are often still very manual and labor intensive to originate. In this (relatively long) blog I will t...

30 Jun 2020
Innovation in Financial Services
Nicholas Bradford

Do Those Website Cookies Come in Chocolate Chip?

Who doesn’t love cookies? There are so many different kinds: chocolate chip, oatmeal, peanut butter, internet… wait, what? In the banking and payments sectors, we’re always thinking about security. ...

30 Jun 2020
Amita Choudhary

How COVID-19 Will Likely Affect Startups in the Future

The world is already feeling the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in many ways, and there are various predictions about what else might come in the near future. One thing is certain though – this is...

30 Jun 2020
Joris Lochy

Marketplaces in the financial industry - Here to stay?

Marketplaces are hip and trendy on the internet and will likely evolve even more in the near future. In some markets (like food delivery, transportation, commerce, holiday…​) they already represent do...

30 Jun 2020
Open Banking