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Mete Feridun

Operational resilience: What does the proposed UK CTP regime mean for firms, FMIs and third parties?

Subsequent to a joint discussion paper (3/22 – Operational resilience: Critical third parties to the UK financial sector) published in July 2022, the Bank of England (the Bank), Prudential Regulation...

1 h
Outsourcing Banking, Financial Services Operations
Helen Child

Data is the fuel that will drive AI & Open Finance growth

Artificial intelligence will have a seismic effect on financial services. McKinsey has predicted that AI could deliver a “value-creation opportunity of up to $20 trillion” for banks each year. Accent...

1 h
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Henning Holter

Evolution of lending: Adaptation using the BNPL model

The rise of Buy Now, Pay Later services has brought forward a revolutionary approach to lending. So, how can the appealing features of BNPL be integrated into traditional lending? Considering BNPL is ...

2 h
Banking and Lending Solutions
Domenico Scaffidi

Behind the scenes of the Migration of the SEPA payment schemes to the 2019 version of ISO 20022 post

Let’s start saying veterans like me haven’t been surprised that much reading the EPC bulletin on SEPA Migration to the 2019 version of ISO 20022, announcing the decision to postpone the go live. Peopl...

3 h
Financial Services Regulation
Pooja Golakonda

Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) - Is P only Public?

Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) where in the digital services are offered to the citizens using the underlying digital goods and infrastructure. It is interoperable, enhancing the digital adopti

6 h
Sustainable compliance
Martha Pierson

Fintech: Establishing Customer Trust in Modern Business

Compromising quality for speed, trimming services to pinch pennies, and limiting payment options to cut costs may inflate profits momentarily, but they can erode your most valuable asset: customer tru...

14 h
David Hensley

The real price consumers pay for living in a digital age

Amidst the Digital Age, Cash appears to have made a brief comeback, not unlike the end of the resession in 2008. In a world increasingly dominated by digital payments, the news of a resurgence in cas...

16 h
Imagine a world without cash
Raktim Singh

How DeFi Can Reshape Lending Sector and Government Programs

For centuries, we have seen lending and borrowing. Before banks came into picture, people used to borrow from other wealthy person in their vicinity. These loans were taken either to start a business,...

17 h
Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Ruth Chambers

Digital currency – a catalyst for digital asset adoption

I was thrilled to see the conversations at the recent Digital Asset Week in London shift from the narrative of the last few years, which was a heavy focus on a wide range of Proof of Concepts (POCs), ...

18 h
Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services
Prakash Pattni

How financial services institutions can securely drive innovation and reduce risk in the year ahead

We have seen cloud computing experience exponential growth over the last few years. As this trajectory continues into 2024, we expect enterprises to simultaneously balance innovation with risk managem...

20 h
Digital Bank Transformation
Nigel Semitecolos

Wealth Management in the UK – Part I

Overview The UK is recognised as one of the largest Wealth Management markets globally. Estimates suggest in excess of £3trn, with £2trn in personal liquid investable financial assets held by individ...

22 h
Nick Green

The impact of BNPL’s rapid growth on lenders

With almost half of UK adults having used BNPL, lenders face a key challenge: the varied data reporting practices among BNPL providers and CRAs. In this piece, we'll explore the rapidly growing BNPL ...

22 h

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