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Banks face struggle to re-engage customers in digital era - Accenture

The rise of digital channels is contributing to a decline in the depth and quality of dealings British and Irish customers have with their banks, harming loyalty, suggests a report from Accenture.

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Customer engagement in a digital era

There have been reports that the overall customer engagement at banks for customers using one of the digital channels like Online banking, mobile banking, etc. One of the most important aspect of customer engagement, is in fact engagement. You need to continuously engage with your customers through out their journey with you. This implies that you need to know what a customers journey is with your organisation - What are the touch points where you come in contact with your customer - What does the customer want to get done at each of these touch points & why? - What could be the potential challenges at that point for your customer & how could you solve it? - How easy is it for a customer to engage with your teams whenever they want? - Are there enough reasons for you to reach out to your customers? Reaching out to sell your additional services doesn’t count. - Do you provide reasons for your customers to talk about you to their friends and family (Random gifts to your customers) - Do you provide such reasons regularly? (Surprising gifts) - Do you listen to them when they talk about you to their networks? What do you do about them? These are just some pointers for banks to think about how much do they know about their customers & if they provide or create opportunities for engagement. True engagement can come once they know their customers well and have a strong intent (senior leadership focus) to engage with them. Engagement is also a two-way street. It is not enough for you to be willing to engage with your customers; they should feel the same way too. If they do not want to engage, the banks have an even more serious task at their hands. Digital can and should never replace physical in-person relationships. They work best if you could enhance & compliment the in-person relationships. Short video that also talks about customer engagement in its entire journey (

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Ketharaman Swaminathan
Ketharaman Swaminathan - GTM360 Marketing Solutions - Pune 03 April, 2013, 19:24Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

In my recent experience, many banks are doing a good job at listening to what their customers are saying about them on social media by using social intelligence platforms. They're using the insight so gained not only for cross-selling and upselling but also to finetune their offerings and resolve issues far more quickly than via conventional customer service channels.

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