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Mukesh Gupta

Director at SAP India Pvt ltd
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Bio I currently work for SAP as Customer advocate. In this capacity, I am responsible to ensure that the voice of the customer is being heard and play the bridge between customers and SAP. Career History Prior to joining SAP, I have worked with different organizations serving in different functions like customer service, logistics, production planning & sales, marketing and business development functions. I was also the founder, CEO of a start-up called Innovative Enterprises. The venture was in the


Innovation in Financial Services

The Future of Banking - Potential and Threats

01 Sep 2016

The past decade has already seen a lot of industry structures being redefined with leaders going bust and new age companies taking their place. One of the industries that seems to be on the cusp of going through a similar upheaval seems to be the banking industry. If you look at what a bank does at its core, it is only two things: Collect money...

Finance 2.0

Is Banking now a Commodity Service?

27 May 2014

If you happen to notice of late, all banks now have been relegated to a commodity status. It doesn't matter which bank you want to do business with, you will find that all of these banks offer very similar services, with very similar fees. We can use our ATM cards on the ATM machines of any bank. All banks offer internet banking, some easier to u...


Innovation in Financial Services

Relevance of Banking - Financial economy to Network Economy

30 Aug 2013

Can banks transform themselves to remain relevant both in the financial economy and for the network economy? Traditionally, the role of the banks have been to be collect money from people who have money, aggregate the same and loan out the money to people who needed it. The banks were needed as there was no way that people who had money could know ...

Innovation in Financial Services

Crowd funding and Banking

22 May 2013

There has been a consistent growth in the number of Crowd-funding platforms all around the world. This is quite understandable given that they address a niche segment of the market that no other financial system has been able to address well. Some of these crowd funding platforms are now moving from crowd-funding (in lieu of kind & merchandis...

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