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XBRL Update

For everyone that has read the XBRL Blog " XBRL is coming in a big way" please re read the comments. These comments have flushed out valuable information and status as well as underlying the terrible lack of awareness in the industry.

There are far too many people that are stuck in the ISO standards type of thinking and missing the point that the XBRL DTCC project is network neutral and commercial networks and other commercial suppliers will be getting on board the XBRL train.

This is not the time to dwell but get XBRL and the DTCC project firmly in your focus as this will be the dynamic push that solves many of the global markets data problems.

Keep the comments coming and the knowledge bank will increase.


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As XBRL becomes more recognised as a vitally important tool to reduce data costs and streamline communication in the financial services industry, the full opportunities need to be explored. To ensure a full and clear understanding by the financial services industry globally rather than just those countries where is has already been adopted, especially in light of the DTCC and SWIFT initiative.

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