17 July 2018
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Are Sleeping Beauties in CE Europe Ready for PSD2 and GDPR Count Down?

08 November 2016  |  5629 views  |  0

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new banking charter protecting personal data and will have a legal impact all entities trading with European citizens from May 2018.

Banking Advanced Authentication – support strong and risk authentication needs with technology implementation from the leading vendor,

Banking API Management and  the digital transformation

Payment Services Directive II - PSD2 and GDPR 2018 initiatives with the top-rated solution for managing banking APIs,

Privileged Access  Management   – to  protect    most  powerful   accounts  from being stolen or misused 

Identity   Management   – to  automate   complete   identity   life cycle   with   the comprehensive and business-friendly too

Banking Recovery and Resolution Directive BRRD  

EMIR - European Market Infrastructure Regulation

ESMA - Regulatory Technical Standards (RTSs)

For many banks this new legislation will significantly increase reputation risk and corporate governance obligations.



by Miloslav Hoschek

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