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LloydsTSB appoints head of innovation

James Gardner, director for retail banking in the global financial services group at Getronics is to take up a new position as head of innovation and research in group IT at the UK's LloydsTSB.

"Its an exciting role, and my team and I will be looking at ways we can productionise innovation, both from a business and technology perspective," he says. "I'm looking to my former colleagues in the vendor community to help us. And we have a rich source of ideas coming in already from our field and customers - about 2000 a month so far, I believe."

Encouraging to see an old-line UK bank prepared to take a punt on new ideas and directions in IT. Says James: "The only boundaries are going to be how much we can dream up (and get funded, of course)."

There shouldn't be too many problems with the fomer aspiration. James' BankerVision blog has been a rich source of original, independent thinking and inspiration for banking technology buffs over the past ten months or so.

We wish him well. And let's hope the dead hand of corporate communications doesn't silence his blog output in the future.


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