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Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson

Managing Director - Product & Capabilities at Valuedynamx - a Collinson Company
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Bio Mark Jackson, Managing Director at Valuedynamx, is a seasoned expert in developing innovative strategies that drive customer engagement and unlock revenue opportunities. With a focus on the US and UK markets, Valuedynamx harnesses the power of new data, technologies, and strategic partnerships to curate data-driven omnichannel purchase rewards. Leading the proposition development and innovation efforts for Valuedynamx's Boston and London-based offices, Jackson ensures the company stays at the forefront of industry trends. As part of Collinson, a globally recognized group known for delivering exceptional travel ecosystems, Valuedynamx combines expertise in payments, card-linking, affiliate marketing, and redemption to provide relevant and engaging solutions for major airlines, banks, financial institutions, and hotel groups worldwide. Career History Previously, I worked as Head of Financial Services for Collinson Group and prior to that for a variety of blue-chip businesses in insurance and financial services including The AA, Misys and Prudential.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Building Brand Loyalty: 3 Reasons Customer Engagement Programs are Vital for Financial Institutions

26 Jul 2023

Many businesses are seeking ways to stay resilient and keep their customers engaged while an economic crunch continues to create spending challenges. Even when times get tough, reward programs can help companies thrive, and are proven business investments; in fact, customer engagement programs can help businesses keep going during difficult times....

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How traditional players can close the gap on challenger banks

16 Jul 2018

Earlier this year, Starling Bank and Monzo became the top two banks in terms of customer satisfaction in the UK, knocking incumbent First Direct from the number one spot[1]. Interestingly, this news coincided with a decline in interest in app-only start-up banks, with lack of trust being one of the key deterrents. In fact, trust in banks holding a...


Open Banking

2018 will be shaped by Open Banking

12 Jan 2018

For retail banks operating in the EU, open banking - and ‘Open APIs’ which are seen as a key facilitator of this - have become hot topics in the boardroom. Spearheaded by the European Commission’s revised Payments Directive (PSD2), banks that operate in the EU will, from Jan 13th 2018, need to provide ‘open access’ to payments and account inform...


How artificial intelligence can deliver a personalised banking experience

12 Oct 2017

With the evolution of digital banking, there are fewer opportunities for face-to-face interactions with customers. Is it therefore becoming harder to drive customer devotion, attracting and retaining loyal customers in this era of digital self-service? Banks are investing huge amounts of capital in digital capabilities such as chatbots, artificial...