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Nudging is not enough

When making innovation happen - getting the next individual to move to something better (digital) - we need to look at the full toolbox.

The starting point is that too many citizens continue behaving against their own interest - be it unhealthy, expensive (often hidden costs), inconvenient, CO2-producing etc practises. The moral entitlement for moving from nudge to push - the WHY is there. And this goes equally well for the oldfashioned nay-sayers as for too-busy-to-find-time people.

The top part of the e-service toolbox contains the obvious: clinically simple, always there in the right context, arriving as suggestion to the mobile instead of having to be found, cutting the cost of inefficient marketing, knowing more about your personality etc.

The other departments include charging full costs for all expensive practises (compensate in social security if needed), promoting the new visibly as good-for-society-at-large and making transfer to new ecosystems mandatory.

All of this should naturally aim at making the largest market in the world (EU - as Brexit maniacs seem to forget) more harmonised. Not at the speed of the slowest - but copying the best steps of the fastest towards the digital, automated and real time visions become so self evident.


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