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Michael Coscia : HFT no more hiding

Why was he allowed to cheat ? Why did exchanges fail to suspend these trades ?

    Finally after years of complaining we have a result !  Bank robbers and murderers always plead innocent until found guilty and Panther energy are no different . His company was allowed by exchanges and regulators to daily abuse , spoof , flip and blatantly cheat for all their benefits for a decade . 

        The question I want to again ask is who else knew and why honest traders lost monies to a trading scam that could so easily have been suspended or stopped with the tools available at exchanges ?

The HFT industry has now to open up and be asked why it too allowed foul play on its doorstep and sadly why it failed to notice it was even going on !  Sadly in recent years not one HFT supporter has mentioned that Coscia trading has been illegal ; infact they used him as a template .  

 Exchanges and regulators too now need to be judged to see if they too are fit to stand office especially as more court cases will now be coming ; they have to ask themselves why for a decade did they totally ignore and wash away the multitude of complaints from honest day traders who obviously lost monies to these blatant abusive tactics of Coscia and his fellow HFT cronies  .

 Sadly for these honest traders there is no hope of compensation despite the magnitude of fines being issued  due to the failure of exchanges failing to provide  "fair & orderly markets" however we can now finally say with proof  that we "were really robbed !" Finally after years of complaining tonight I can drink to that !  



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