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Blockchain has managed to survive 2018 and one cannot help wondering if regulators could of helped establish more confidence in this new currency provider ?  

 Initial coin offerings (ICO) were hurried through without much thought to the market place with little or any governance which provided numerous scandals which sadly made the crypto market look both dark and dodgy ! Regulators were both asleep at the wheel and with hindsight most of the problems could easily have been avoided . 

   The arrival of Security Token Offerings (STOs ) have provided a vital tonic to the market place and hopefully set it on track to success .  These tokens sit very well within the industry and through their security can now be use as the legimate tool to trade with and of course fits very well with the blockchain family . 

These STOs have the benefit of extra security over most crypto currencies as everything is captured and linked back to the owner and provides that "confidence" which is essential to success . Sadly if your crypto account is hacked or your private key unlocked your fate is doomed and recovery virtually zero , however security tokens are issued as a note and therefore leave a vital footprint in the blockchain which everyone can see , not just Alice & Bob ! 

 The key to this success is perhaps that "anonomity " trading is finally over which will lead to fair and orderly marketplace .... 2019 looks healthy on that score ! 


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