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DIGITAL BANKING Tips - Tip 13: Credit and Debit Cards as a gateway to Digital Banking

Debit and Credit cards have been seen in banking landscape since mid-1960s, so we can safely conclude that it is quite likely that our current customers and even their grandparents somehow used cards before. In other words, in the most likely scenario, the total number of Credit/Debit card users in your bank database is higher than the total number of Digital Banking users. The gap between this two shows the potential you have for digital channels migration. Considering that majority (if not all) of your customers are familiar with the card world (physical card and card’s pin), then why don’t we utilize this familiarity factor increasing migration to digital channels?

When we have look to the market, there are two common ways of using Credit/Debit Cards as an access tool to Digital Banking: CARD LOGIN and ONLINE BANKING APPLICATION via CARD. You can have both ideally and their contribution to your banking base would not be less than 50 % - by experience.

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Karim Maalouf
Karim Maalouf - Path Solutions - Beirut 22 May, 2015, 08:181 like 1 like

The Debit/Credit card is and will remain the most popular, easy and effective technique for settlement as it is supported in all stores, malls and reataurants.

Nowadays, with the introduction of the mobile apps payment, P2P with a minimal cost, this will affect negatively for sure the usage of cards,in addition, to the biometric authentication and NFC payment.

The world is moving to digital banking and banks are investing in all corners, but this is not enough, also the culture needs to be spread and introduced to the society in its correct state.

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