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Online Fraud Transactions.

05 Aug 2015

Fraud is now an international business and criminal gangs constantly seek out the weakest targets for the easiest returns. Securing transactions has become a vital part of today’s digital world. According to analysts, the cost of mobile fraud transactions is $3.34 for every dollar in transaction. The cost for fraudulent mobile transactions is the h...



Era of Mobile Banking

17 Jun 2015

In the last decade, we experienced the Omni-channel revolution and introduction of new digital banking delivery channels, on which I can cite, internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, POS Payments, MNO Agents, etc… In this article, I will concentrate on the mobile banking channel that I believe is considered as the most revolutionary channel ...


6 Mistakes People Do on their Mobiles

28 May 2015

I am writing with blog as I have seen multiple cases people ingoring the risk they are taking when navigating with their mobile devices. 1- Failing to lock down your device I believe it is the most important from the 6 tips. Your phone can be locked with advanced technology like the iPhone 5S's fingerprint scanner or using a more simplistic method ...

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