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Y2020 working with 30 different EU directives

  • Basel Committee on Banking Supervision                                                        
  • FSB - Financial Stability Board
  • ECB 's Liquidity, risk aggregation  FINREP,COREP reporting
  • ECB's monetary reporting and manual interest rate MIR,
  • ECB's securities holdings statistics requirements SHS
  • EBA The European Banking Authority papers,
  • EBA's rulebooks
  • EBA's supervisory reporting templates,
  • EBA's Regulatory Technical Standards RTS
  • EBA and G-SIIs Global Systemically Important Institutions
  • EMIR- regulatory and operational solutions for listed and OTC derivatives reporting requirements ,  collateral, valuation or interest rate swaps
  • MiFID II/MiFIR's -Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
  • MIFID II Reporting Mechanism requirement for European OTC cash equity trades, transparency,compliant trade reporting data ,publication, monitoring and surveillance, inducements,
  • MIFID II requirement for management body, compliance, internal audit and risk management,
  • MiFID II/MiFIR's investor protection mandates ,requirements
  • ESMA's transparency publication and data papers Corporate governance, new definition for „Management body“ and „Senior management“
  • CRD IV Directive 2013/36/EU about regulatory harmonisation and disclosure
  • CRD IV Article 161(4) Implementation of the ICAAP and Pillar 2 requirements
  • CRD IV Article 161(9) Long-term refinancing operations and benefits of LTROs and other Central Bank funding support
  • CRD IV Article 502 -technical advice to provisions, prudential filter for fair value gains and losses arising from the institution's own credit risk related to derivative liabilities
  • CRD IV Article 503 about own funds requirements for covered bonds
  • CRD IV Article 505 on securitisation retention rules and impact on long term financing, such as the impact assessment on the leverage ratio
  • CRD IV Article 508(1) Scope of application and exemption of Pillar 1 requirements advice on the preferential treatment of covered bonds in prudential regulation
  • CRD IV Article 512 Capital requirements on exposures to transferred credit risk
  • CRD IV Article 513 Consistency of macro-prudential rules and its overall consistency
  • CRD IV Article 517 Appropriateness of the definition of eligible capital applied for the purposes of the Large Exposures regime regarding the use of the new definition of eligible capital
  • PSD II -the technological development and inconsistent interpretation, multilateral interchange fees,free account transfer between banks in the EU, application to transactions in all currencies, the transfer account without any restrictions
  • PSD II -the liability limits client for unauthorized transactions, security requirements for payment instruments, "one leg out"-application to transactions to/from the EU,
  • PSD II-access to EBA STEP2 and TARGET2
  • PSD II-Article 29  playing field between banks and non-banks,non-banks access to the clearing and settlement mechanisms, systemic and settlement risk, s SEPA Direct Debits
  • PSD II-e-Mandate Service Implementation,
  • EMD 3 (Electronic Money Directive)
  • E-Identification E-ID Regulation, Data Protection regulations, Global Legal Entity Identifier System                                                                                                  



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