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Stuart Lacey

Stuart Lacey

Founder at Trunomi
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Bio Stuart Lacey is the founder and CEO of Trunomi, a company unlocking the power of customer data using consent & data rights. Trunomi provides customer consent & data rights management technology to comply with EU GDPR and provide customers control and transparency over how their data is used. Career History Lacey has 20 years of experience in financial markets. He was named Stuart was named by Bank Innovation as a 2015 Innovator to Watch and is a TEDx speaker on the Future of Personal data - Privacy vs. Monetization.


Open Banking

Three reasons why CIOS are outsourcing the customer data headache

18 Jul 2018

The Financial Services industry is undergoing another major transformation, underpinned by Open Banking and PSD2. Together these directives aim to give customers more control over their financial data and to open up the banking landscape to new and competitive third-party products and services. Individuals can now grant third parties secure acces

Data Protection Act Issues

Making data rights management a WIN-WIN-WIN

19 Jun 2018

Digital marketers are struggling to get value for money from their spend. Consumers, increasingly put off by ads that interfere with their online experience, are opting in ever larger numbers for ad blocking, or exercising their new rights under GDPR to turn off marketing. So while algorithms are able to make digital marketing more and more targ...

Financial Services Regulation

GDPR 1 Year Countdown: Ready or Not?

30 May 2017

In less than 1 year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced. If you haven’t heard by now; the GDPR will fundamentally change the way that companies capture, manage and store information of EU Citizens. The primary aim of the regulation is to protect EU Citizen’s right to privacy, give them back control over their personal da...

Financial Services Regulation

GDPR, PSD2 & ePrivacy: New Regulations Will Drive Financial Services Innovation

13 Mar 2017

Few people associate regulation with innovation. For some, its seen as a necessary evil to protect consumer rights and fight fraud. For others, it’s a straitjacket that can reduce operational agility. Much has been said about the opportunity to enhance the customer experience by strengthening individual data rights under the General Data Protectio...