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A place to discuss the DPA and other data storage issues.

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Cody Olson

Effectively Utilizing Publicly Accessible Social Media Data While Staying GDPR Compliant

As society moves towards an even deeper reliance on social media, the distinction between one’s private life, social media life and professional life is increasingly skewered and distorted. More and m...

26 Oct 2018
Retired Member

Breach of Trust

This month British Airways bosses are apologising to their customers for a ‘sophisticated, malicious, criminal attack’ on its website, app and ‘security systems’ which has left 380,000 customer recor...

19 Sep 2018
Retired Member

Prevent Hacking: Needed Data Security Framework For HealthCare

Healthcare Industry continues to be a lucrative market for hackers. From 2017 to 2018, a large number of personal data frauds have been reported in the U.S. that highlights the imminent danger that t

19 Aug 2018
Stuart Lacey

Making data rights management a WIN-WIN-WIN

Digital marketers are struggling to get value for money from their spend. Consumers, increasingly put off by ads that interfere with their online experience, are opting in ever larger numbers for ad ...

19 Jun 2018
Balazs Fejes

How to Leverage GDPR Rules to Enable a Personalized User Experience

With the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) finally coming into effect on May 25, 2018 after years of negotiation and preparation, financial services companies are facing a major chall...

19 Jun 2018
Keith Stonell

GDPR - and the importance of insurance customer trust.

GDPR implementation is now weeks away. The impact that GDPR will have on the insurance industry has been well documented. Indeed, I’ve previously commented on it here. Some of the concerns that have

09 May 2018
Freddie McMahon

Chatbots provide hope for easy to understand consent, post GDPR!

We are all being inundated with requests for consent to continue using services as the GDPR deadline rapidly comes closer and closer. Many of us are not finding the consent experience very good. The...

27 Apr 2018
Reghunathan Sukumara Pillai

Personal data everywhere ?

Early morning, I received a call in my cell phone from a consumer finance company explaining to me about some consumer finance/EMI offers. After a few hours, I received a call from one call entre of a...

15 Mar 2018
Robert McClure

Navigating the GDPR maze

On 25 May 2018 most processing of personal data by organisations will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This legislation replaces the Data Protection Act and will have...

14 Mar 2018
Sayed Ali Sharafudeen

Reshaping Customer Engagement & Data Management Strategies: A necessity in the post-GDPR era

When the European Union ushers in General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25 May 2018, it will represent one of the most critical developments and the biggest shake-up in the use and management o...

11 Dec 2017