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Analytics in Banking

How can fintechs continue to deliver personalised experiences once cookies are gone forever?

28 Nov 2022

Fintechs rely on data and testing to build standout customer experiences that disrupt the market by challenging the status quo. But with the impending removal of cookies, how can they mitigate the risk of losing valuable data insights? Google has officially released their timeline for the complete removal of third-party cookies in their Chrome brow...


Analytics in Banking

What does the future of data tracking look like for fintechs?

23 Nov 2022

Tracking, measuring, and reporting on digital data is in transition and it’s critical for fintechs to be prepared for the changes afoot. You only need look at the public battle around privacy between Facebook and Apple to see the impact on how businesses track users across their apps and websites, as consumers and regulators become more conscious o...