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More generic posts and blogs relating with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including Open Banking and PSD2

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Ryan Clifford

Why communities naturally reduce financial risk

Sometimes an idea is so good that everyone has it at once. One such idea is the ROSCA - a rotating savings and credit association - known as ekub in Ethiopia, cundinas in Mexico, tanomoshiko in Japan ...

01 Jun 2020
Ryan Clifford

It’s not all about functionality: the importance of UX in B2B finance applications

In 2001, Silicon Valley superinvestor Marc Andreessen declared that software was eating the world. Recent years have borne this out, with digital B2C tools now shaping the ways we travel, eat, and ev...

22 May 2020
Ryan Clifford

How APIs can help families plan their finances

Data modelling and machine learning (ML) offers a tantalising possibility - that by gathering enough data inputs you can predict what will happen in the future based on current information. ML models ...

11 May 2020
Konrad Litwin

Why open banking standards mean a security-first approach to API management is needed

The UK’s own Open Banking Standards and the European Payment Services Directive current wave (PSD2) are both indications that a more open approach to transactions between financial services institutio...

25 Nov 2019
Thomas Pintelon

How collaboration with specialist providers can boost bank innovation

Bank offerings and customer expectations are evolving fast. For each specific client need, specific solutions need to be built, requiring lots of investments, IP and expertise. To keep up, banks can’t...

03 Sep 2019
Retired Member

The role of application networks in an open banking world

We’re fast approaching a complete transformation in the way we consume financial services. In the future, the bank as we know it won’t define how its services are delivered, the demands and expectatio...

31 May 2019
Retired Member

Why API integration will allow the digital banking ecosystem to thrive in 2019

Open banking is about building and integrating an ecosystem of digital products, designed for one purpose – to create a seamless user experience. What we at Cloud Elements have seen over the past seve...

23 May 2019
Ashley Murdoch

Embracing open APIs to offer a better customer experience

The speed at which consumers have adopted mobile digital platforms is testimony to how highly they prize the convenience of mobile apps. But just as the advent of supermarkets made shopping easier by ...

21 May 2019
Retired Member

Applying Developer Experience Best Practices to Open Banking API Error Messages

I have worked closely with financial institutions, particularly on building banking sandboxes in Nordic and North European countries, so that third party API consumer developers can build new innovati...

16 May 2019
Tolga Tavlas

Apitalism: Open Banking vs Platform Banking - what is the difference?

It may be hard to know the difference between Socialism and Communism for some. I think the same dilemma exists between Open Banking and Platform Banking definitions – as both sound very similar but a...

16 Apr 2019