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Karen Shidlo

CMO at Fiat24 (SR Saphirstein AG)
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Bio I am CMO at Fiat24, responsible for community growth, brand awareness, partnerships and client acquisition for the award-winning Swiss fintech. Career History Marketing and UX Design Pro. Inspired by how DeFi can address many of the flaws in existing financial systems and how blockchain technology will revolutionise the roles of banks and end users. In Zurich since 2014, I have worked in content marketing, visual and graphic design, and art direction for a diverse range of agencies, luxury brands and an ETH University Spinoff in the biotech sector before stepping into the world of crypto, blockchain, NFTs and DeFi.


Bitcoin payments

Crypto Cards in 2023 - New and Longtime Players Compared

23 Aug 2023

Crypto cards bridge the gap between the digital cryptocurrency world and the real-world economy, making it easier for individuals to use their crypto holdings for everyday transactions. Crypto cards, also known as cryptocurrency debit or prepaid cards, began to emerge around 2015-2016. These early versions of crypto cards allowed users to load thei...

Banking Architecture

Banking Reimagined on the Blockchain

04 Jul 2023

Of all the Web2 applications, services and products being reimagined in a decentralized, Web3-ready way, perhaps banking (and e-banking) is one that makes the most sense. Given that a core tool of Web3 is cryptocurrencies, looking at how we can redefine the way we pay, get paid, invest, and handle our assets in general, just makes a whole lot of s...


In Smart Contracts We Trust: Code VS Legacy Banking Systems

23 May 2023

Smart contracts are a fundamental building block of Web3 technology, as they enable the execution of decentralized applications (dApps) and the automation of transactions on blockchain networks. Designed to facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract, without the need for intermediaries, such as lawyers, banks, or e...

Blockchain Observations

The future of e-banking lies in DeFi solutions

28 Apr 2023

Traditional financial legacy systems can be outdated in some ways, particularly in terms of their technology infrastructure and ability to adapt to changing customer needs and market trends. These systems were often developed decades ago and were not designed to handle the complexities of modern financial transactions. Moreover, traditional financ...