Majority of Reuters Bridge clients moved to RadianzNet

Majority of Reuters Bridge clients moved to RadianzNet

Reuters says more than half of the client locations it acquired from Bridge Information Systems have been migrated to Radianz's global financial extranet RadianzNet.

Radianz says migration of the remaining client locations is ongoing.

Most of Reuters' products, including equity data platform Reuters Plus, the 3000Xtra desktop and BridgeStation platform, are available for delivery anywhere in the US using RadianzNet.

Graham Albutt, president, Reuters business programmes, says a key element of the vendor's product delivery strategy is to use one IP network to deliver all products and services to customers worldwide.

"RadianzNet is that network because it is optimised for financial use, is connected to a large global financial community and is designed to enable institutions to use one secure and resilient connection to receive a variety of data and services," he says.

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