Reuters upgrades Kondor; adds NumeriX analytics

Reuters upgrades Kondor; adds NumeriX analytics

Reuters has upgraded its flagship risk management software Kondor to include an 'open trade' capability allowing the system to be integrated with third party and proprietary systems.

Reuters says the new function extends the capability of Kondor to include pricing, capturing and processing any type of instrument. In addition, 'open trade' has a builder and API module to allow for designing tailor-made products, accessing proprietary systems and integrating third party financial libraries.

As part of the upgrade, Reuters has signed a deal to package proprietary technology from New York-based NumeriX with Kondor to provide users with coverage of instruments ranging from exotic fixed income and equity and credit derivatives to vanilla assets.

The latest release also includes coverage of Latin American risk requirements, in particular the Brazilian regulatory standards which include Brady Bonds, Brazilian yield curves and PTAX management.

Mike Whitaker, managing director, trade and risk management, Reuters, says the release follows recent announcements made to improve Kondor's global limits coverage.

"These investments support Reuters work in providing a comprehensive, integrated, front to back risk and trade management portfolio," says Whitaker.

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