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Banco de Portugal's Helder Rosalino confirmed as EBAday 2024 host keynote

Banco de Portugal's Helder Rosalino confirmed as EBAday 2024 host keynote

Rosalino will be taking to the stage to open the show in Lisbon, Portugal for this year's EBAday, exploring the roadmap for a modern and safe payments market.

Member of the board of directors of Banco de Portugal since 2014, Rosalino has responsibilities across markets and reserve management, monetary issuance, payment systems, information technology, accounting and financial control, and innovation management at the central bank.

Rosalino also brings views from the European Central Bank to the table, being a member of the high level group for the digital euro.

He has worked at Banco de Portugal since 1994, having been, among other functions, head of the issuance and treasury department and head of the human resources department, and will certainly be able to share insights from the Portuguese market.

In 2023, EBAday welcomed Carlos A. Sanz Luengo, head of payment systems, Bank of Spain to open the two day event.

Sanz Luengo joined the Bank of Spain in 1993 and has held a range of positions in that 30 years, the majority of which were in the monetary policy and reserve management areas (from 1999 to 2018).

This informative keynote will be the inaugural session of the two day conference, which promises to cover a range of payments topics including CBDCs, cross-border payments, and instant payments.

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