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CaixaBank issues Braille card for visually impaired

CaixaBank issues Braille card for visually impaired

CaixaBank has launched a Visa card with Braille reading and writing code embedded for visually impaired customers.

The new card, developed in partnership with Once and Visa, will initially be applied to CaixaBank's 'MyCard' Visa cards, and will soon be available for all types of cards issued by the bank: credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Customers will have a pack of two cards for use across all channels. One is the usual card format, with contactless payment for payments in physical stores and at ATMs. The main difference with other Visa cards issued by the bank is that the identification number (PAN) is in Braille. The cards also use notches to help customers position them correctly in POS terminals and ATMs.

In this standard format it is not possible to use Braille to indicate either the expiry date or the CVV, thus, customers will have a second card containing all the identification data needed to make online purchases in Braille.

The card’s launch will begin with a trial for selected customers in the Madrid region. Upon completion of this first stage, the card will be open to all those who request it through the bank's commercial network during the third quarter of 2022.

CaixaBank also has ATMs for the visually impaired with a menu designed to facilitate the use of a Braille keyboard and voice-guided navigation.

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