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TSB returns to abandoned high streets with network of pop-up branches

TSB returns to abandoned high streets with network of pop-up branches

Following a wave of branch closures, the UK's TSB is to open 43 pop-up sites in town and across the UK.

In September last year, TSB announced plans to shutter a third of its branch network and layoff 900 staff, citing a shift in customer behviour as users shun the high street in favour of remote banking services.

The UK bank singalled its intention to close 164 of its branches, in addition to 21 closures already announced, shrinking the network from 475 outlets to just 290.

Sited in locations like town halls, libraries or community centres, the new pop-ups are spread across the country with 22 in England, 19 in Scotland and two in Wales. The majority are based in locations where it takes customers longer than 20 minutes to travel to their nearest TSB branch.

The bank has introduced 100 mobile adviser roles to deliver this new face-to face service, which will offer customers access to products and services outside of a branch.

TSB is also launching an access-to-cash pilot programme in conunction with Diebold Nixdorf and Paysafe, which will enable customers to use a digital platform to deposit cash in local shops and supermarkets.

Director, branch banking, Carol Anderson comments “Although we’ve seen a significant rise in customers using digital banking, we know accessing banking services and cash remains important to many customers and we’re always looking for innovative and inclusive ways to help them.

“The pop-ups and future access to cash pilot will test demand for these types of services, giving us insight on what more we can do for customers in the future.”.

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