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TSB's Smart Agent goes mobile

TSB's Smart Agent goes mobile

TSB has ported its AI-based Smart Agent to its mobile banking app.

In partnership with IBM, the chat service was first introduced to TSB’s internet banking platform in just five days at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Since then, the Watson-based bot has handled one million conversations with customers, providing assistance and advice throughout lockdown and the pandemic. Over 200,000 of these queries were subsequently passed on to 60 staff trained to handle Covid-related questions.

With the launch of the service on the mobile banking app, TSB Smart Agent is expected to be handling around 3,500 conversations a day across an expanded range of topics.

Over 50 automated responses have now been built into the cpnversational app, covering topics such as cards, payments and disputes.

TSB’s chief operating officer, Suresh Viswanathan, says: “As more and more customers bank and shop online, we have introduced TSB Smart Agent to our mobile banking app. Throughout the pandemic it has proved a quick and helpful way of answering customer questions on internet banking."

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