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Curve auctions NFTs for charity

Curve auctions NFTs for charity

All-in-one card fintech Curve is tapping the NFT craze by auctioning five pieces of digital art for charity.

A series of animated Curve branded figures will go under the virtual hammer as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) today, with online bids invited from all over the world.

All proceeds will go to the Theatre Support Fund+, to support the struggling theatre community in London, which was devastated by the impact of Covid. Nearly 40% of theatre and art workers in the UK’s capital have been made redundant since the start of the pandemic a year ago.

Curve has listed digital images of its in-app characters for the auction on the crypto marketplace Rarible.com.

NFTs are cryptocurrency tokens which certify ownership of a unique digital file using blockchain technology. Anyone from the public is able to view the images online, but must connect an Ethereum wallet to enter the bidding.

Curve’s founder and CEO, Shachar Bialick, says: “The theatre community is part of what gives London its vibrancy and diversity, a combination that made Curve choose the UK capital as our HQ. I am proud that Curve is working with Theatre Support Fund+ on one of the first examples of using digital art to make a tangible difference to society. NFTs hold genuine promise to change how we think about art ownership and enjoyment as a purely physical experience.”

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