Nivea launches gender-targeted ATM ad campaign

Nivea launches gender-targeted ATM ad campaign

Cosmetics firm Nivea is using new profiling technology from ATM advertising agency i-design to run a gender-targeted campaign that will screen separate advertisments for male and female cash card holders.

I-design says Nivea will utilise new user profiling and gender targeting features that have been added to its ATM:ad package.

Once the customer has inserted their card, the ATM:ad system will identify their gender and display the appropriate content on-screen during the transaction as well as on the front and back of the customer's ATM receipt.

The campaign will run at 600 locations nationwide, including high streets, shopping centres and supermarkets, and is expected to deliver three million 'one-to-ones' and 12 million impacts.

Commenting on the targeted ATM campaign, Graham Taylor, senior brand manager at Nivea for Men, says: "It offers us a great opportunity to reach different target audiences, ensuring our strong overall campaign message can be supported with relevant and discrete supporting messages without the risk of confusion."

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