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Yahya Mohamed Mao

Fintechs and banks might rather collaborate than compete

Rather than competing, fintechs and traditional banks might possibly create more value by working together. While fintech companies continue to drive innovation in the financial services industry, man...

19 Jun 2022
Finance 2.0
Mark Grady

Breaking down the UX v UI divide

In the first part of this blog, I looked at the blurring of lines between UX and UI design, and the consequences of this. In part 2, here is a deeper dive into how to engage the two types of designer...

17 Jun 2022
Jakob Rost

An open finance model for the world

Open finance has gained an unstoppable momentum. From its beginnings in Europe, open finance has spread rapidly to the Americas, Australia, India, and my own company’s home market of Indonesia - among...

17 Jun 2022
Open Banking
Joris Lochy

Is SNBL more sustainable than BNPL?

In my blog "Buy Now Pay Later - A credit in disguise? ( I raised already some concerns about the Buy Now Pay L...

16 Jun 2022
Glen Foster

The business impact of automated payment management

Across all walks of life, one thing that brings people together is the fact that we all have bills to pay. When it comes to business owners, the nature and quantity of those bills becomes more difficu...

16 Jun 2022
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Hervé Manceron

PaaS: a new technological approach in the payment industry?

Over the last two years, PaaS (Payment-as-a-Service) providers have entered the market at an increasingly rapid pace. As PaaS expands its breadth of cloud-based services to the payment value chain, th...

16 Jun 2022
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Rodrigo Zepeda

The UK ‘Greenwashing’ Briefing Series: PART III

By Rodrigo Zepeda, CEO, Storm-7 Consulting [Part III of a four part blog series] It was previously seen that the issue of greenwashing in consumer and capital markets was identified more than a decad...

16 Jun 2022
Climate Fintech
Pierre Dutaret

The future of work

Digital is completely transforming the way people work across the globe and allowing people to become more interconnected. Machine automation takes away the stresses attached to manual labour and boos...

16 Jun 2022
The future of Payments in Europe
Martin Wilson

Identity is key in the fight against social media scams

Scams on social media platforms like Instagram are soaring. While legislation and awareness campaigns are helpful, a proper process for verifying identities is what’s really needed, argues Martin Wils...

16 Jun 2022
Nick Green

Improving consumer credit: A deep dive into the FCA’s recommendations for Fintech

According to an FCA survey, in 2020, 81% of UK adults had used a form of regulated credit within the last 12 months. As consumers move away from traditional, regulated forms of credit (like credit ca...

16 Jun 2022
Financial Services Regulation
Shabnam Wazed

Scoring an open goal – how lenders can evolve their models and consumers can create credit histories

By Shabnam Wazed, Founder and CEO of AGAM International Banks and lenders have historically focused extensively on a borrower’s current financial information when evaluating their likelihood of repayi...

15 Jun 2022
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Jamel Derdour

The untapped potential of Chile, Colombia and Peru

The rise of digital payment systems in Latin America (LATAM) is typically dominated by discussions on the region’s largest markets. Brazil and Mexico feature heavily in this discourse, a reflection of...

15 Jun 2022
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

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