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Sheza Gary

Hedging Against Downside Risk with BTC

Many analysts are of the opinion that there is merit in using Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe-haven contrarian investment for hedging purposes. A caveat is in order: "Volatility plays a major role and th...

26 Feb 2020
Cryptocurrency Insights
David Clee

2020: Drive by regulators to adopt tech poses challenges for the firms they police

The overhaul of the financial services industry in the post Great Financial Crisis (GFC) era has created a swathe of new rules and regulations for the regulators to monitor, and financial firms to adh...

25 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Thomas Pintelon

Are credits not too commoditized?

Since 1 July 2007, the Belgian electricity market has been liberalized. While in the first years, only few consumers switched electricity provider, this has reached a new high this year. Incumbent pro...

25 Feb 2020
Financial Risk Management
Joris Lochy

Digital signature - There is no such thing as THE digital signature

In the current digital world, we are continuously digitally transacting with companies all over the world. Each transaction leaves a digital trace, allowing the company (in case of litigation) to prov...

24 Feb 2020
Digital Identity Management
Ivy Schmerken

FX Algos Gain Adoption on the Buy Side as Best Ex and TCA Fuel Change

With the proliferation of algorithms in currency markets and regulatory pressure to prove best execution, buy-side trading desks are adopting algorithms to source liquidity and lower trading costs in ...

24 Feb 2020
Capital Markets Technology
Rishi Chauhan

Fintech Customer Acquisition - Beyond Early Adopters

This blog attempts to answer the following key questions at a high level: What could financial technology companies (fintechs) do to enable greater consumer or SME (customer) adoption of their produc...

24 Feb 2020
Chris Holmes

Financial infrastructure: the FinTech way

Financial infrastructure plays a critical role in a country’s economic development and stability. It determines how efficiently financial services can be provided. A high-quality infrastructure lends ...

24 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Amanda Steward

Core finance - taking a strategic approach to cloud

This is the third in a series of three blog posts which looks at how a digital finance transformation enables a future-ready finance department - one that can use data, technology and human talent to ...

21 Feb 2020
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Robert Siciliano

What is Synthetic Identity Theft?

Identity theft is when a person steals another person’s private and personal information, generally to make money from it. You probably already knew this, but have you heard of synthetic identity thef...

20 Feb 2020
Jan Thomas

Why the Future of Open Banking Belongs to Platforms

The platform economy is revolutionising the $50bn global deposits business. By separating the product provider and financial point of sale, banks can now choose whether they want to collect deposits f...

20 Feb 2020
Andrew Beatty

Want to understand your customers better? Look at their events.

The next phase of digital banking is upon us. Banks and fintechs clamor to deliver unique and differentiating user experiences built upon the latest “API-first” omnichannel banking platform, but reali...

20 Feb 2020
Analytics in Banking
Satya Swarup Das

Impact of 5G- An analysis of opportunities and challenges for BFS Industry

The 5th Generation cellular network technology, commonly referred to as ‘5G’ is one disruptive tsunami that is coming very soon. As per Gartner hype cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2019, it is defin...

20 Feb 2020
Innovation in Financial Services