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Laurent Descout

The European Parliament votes for instant payments, what does this mean for corporates?

Earlier this month, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) voted to adopt a new set of rules that will ensure transferred funds arrive immediately in the bank accounts of retail customers and busi...

20 Feb 2024
The future of Payments in Europe
Serhii Bondarenko

How to Use Price Action and Correlations in Stock Trading

In the fast-paced world of stock trading, selecting the right strategy is crucial for day traders aiming to maximize their returns. This article delves into two prevalent strategies: Price Action and ...

20 Feb 2024
Artificial Intelligence
Ronen Cojocaru

Restoring Trust, Safety and Security to the Crypto Market

In the intricate realm of cryptocurrency, the concept of trust is not just important; it is the very foundation upon which the industry stands or falls. When individuals harbor doubts about investment...

20 Feb 2024
Cryptocurrency Insights
Crystal Li

California ESG Regulations Showcase Development of Wider Regulations in US

In October 2023, California became the first state to pass regulations for reporting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). The regulations are outlined in two bills, the Climate Corporate Data Accountabili...

20 Feb 2024
Siobhan Byron

How Symbiosis unlocks the true potential of banking technology

Technology transforms. This is clear. Consider the device you are reading this article on. The chances are high that you are reading it on a mobile device. In fact, as of January 2024, 59% of all webs...

20 Feb 2024
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Ori Bauer

Why Organisational Alignment Is Key to Achieving Personalisation Maturity in Financial Services

Customer experience is everything – in fact, 61% of people are unlikely to return to a brand that does not provide, at minimum, a satisfactory one[1]. And when it comes to experience, personalisatio...

20 Feb 2024
Disruption in Retail Banking
Simon Thompson

Pathway to net zero: building AI into climate risk strategies

Can generative AI (GenAI) or machine learning both help set and effectively deliver net zero strategy? Is it, indeed, the tool that will change the face of ESG and sustainability disclosure and strate...

20 Feb 2024
Santosh Radhakrishnan

No 7. Choosing a New Banking Solution - All Cores Aren’t the Same

Given the number of solutions available and the cost and complexity of building one from scratch, banks would be better served by acquiring a 3rd party core banking solution. One that is proven with ...

20 Feb 2024
Anna Kuzmina

We are cash-free: Sweden's fintech outlook

“We are a cash-free hotel. Payments can be made with the most common credit cards”. This was the message I received from the hotel in Stockholm when stepping onto the Viking land of Sweden. “We are

20 Feb 2024
Venkatesh P

AI and its impact on work

Preamble There is considerable debate in professional and public media about the impact of AI, and assertions from both groups- those who welcome and indicate that there would be no loss of jobs and ...

20 Feb 2024
Jose Pierre

Navigating Leadership: The Conscious Leader's Journey

Introduction Embarking on the transformative journey of conscious leadership, this article delves into the intricate balance of being well-informed and mindful of one's actions. Beyond the traditional...

19 Feb 2024
Entrepreneur field
Omri Argaman

Crypto is coming back smarter and more efficient

After Bitcoin peaked in November 2021, companies in the Crypto and fintech space rushed to buy ads in Super Bowl 2022, including Coinbase, FTX, eToro, and Unfortunately, the crypto market ...

19 Feb 2024
Cryptocurrency Insights

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